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It’s time to graduate and get your diploma

Here’s everything you need to know about graduating—from applying for your degree to celebrating at commencement to making sure you receive your diploma in the mail.

A student leans out from a row of graduates wearing caps and gowns, smiling and holding up two fingers.

Prepare to graduate

Finishing your coursework is an important step in earning your degree. But sure you know what else you need to do to prepare to get that diploma.

Apply to graduate

Your degree won’t be automatically awarded. Students must submit a graduation application for each degree being earned.

Priority Deadlines:

  • October 15 for spring (May) graduation
  • January 15 for summer (August) graduation
  • May 15 for fall (December) graduation

Update your degree name

Your degree name will appear on diplomas, certificates, and Commencement programs, and on university websites that list graduates. By default, your degree name will be the same as your primary (legal) name unless you update it through self-service at One.IU.

Changes made to degree names less than 30 days prior to your graduation date might not be reflected on your diploma. Additionally, changes made after February 28 may not be reflected in the spring Commencement program.

Verify your Student Home mailing address

It’s a special day when you finally hold that diploma in your hand. Make sure it gets to you.

Diplomas are mailed to the “Student Home” address that is listed in your SIS Student Center. Make sure this information is updated—before the end of the semester—with the address where you want your diploma sent.

The printed diploma will be mailed directly to you, at that address, within 6–8 weeks after the end of the semester. When it’s shipped, you’ll get an email alert so make sure you’re continuing to monitor your IU email account after graduation.

There may be times when a printed diploma might be stored with the Registrar. If it’s been longer than two months since you graduated and you haven’t received your diploma, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Digital Diplomas (ceDiploma)

As a graduate of IU Indianapolis, you also have the option of purchasing a certified electronic diploma (ceDiploma). This PDF version of your degree can be shared with employers, family, friends, and on social media.

  • Secure & Verifiable: The ceDiploma provides a secure way for you to attach your degree to your electronic resume or to share it on LinkedIn. Employers can event verify your credentials in real-time.
  • Unlimited Access: Once you’ve downloaded your ceDiploma, it’s yours forever. There’s no limit to how many times you can share it.
  • Accepted Worldwide: The CeDiploma is accepted by employers, the United States’ Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), and governments around the world.

Once your paper diploma is in the mail, you’ll receive an email invitation to your IU email address from our vendor partner, Paradigm, with details on how to request access to your CeDiploma.

Note: CeDiplomas are available only to students who graduated May 2018 or after.

Celebrate at Commencement

 If you’re graduating anytime during the academic year—December (fall), May (spring), or August (summer)—you’re invited to be a part of the IU Indianapolis Commencement ceremony in May.

You’ll attend one ceremony for all undergraduate and graduate degree recipients. It’s the only place where you’ll get an IU diploma cover, so be sure you’re there!

Academic Distinction

To graduate with academic distinction, you must rank within the highest 10% of your graduating class within your academic unit. If you’re earning a bachelor’s degree, you must have completed a minimum of 60 hours at IU. If you’re earning an associate's degree, you must have completed at least half of the hours required for your degree at IU.

There are three levels of distinction: distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction. Each degree-granting unit determines the appropriate GPA or class rank required to graduate with high or highest distinction.

If you’re eligible, the academic distinction will be noted on your diploma and your official transcript. You’ll also typically wear an honor cord at the Commencement ceremony in May.

Note that graduating with distinction is different than completing a degree with honors

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