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Ethan Wright

Ethan provides support for LGBTQ+ students and those from rural communities.

Ethan began working in Undergraduate Admissions at IU Indianapolis in 2017, first as a campus ambassador and then as a paraprofessional. In 2021, he was named an admissions recruiter, and in 2023 he became a senior admissions counselor.

As a graduate of IU Indianapolis, Ethan’s favorite memories include exploring all the fun opportunities that Indianapolis has to offer, especially the Indianapolis Zoo and Newfields.

On campus, Ethan’s favorite spot is Wood Fountain. “I am from Northern Indiana where we have the most naturally occurring lakes. It’s refreshing, relaxing, and a fun place to study,” he said.

When he’s not working, Ethan enjoys baking, hanging out with friends, going to the lake, and gaming. Be sure to ask him what his favorite game is!

It’s refreshing, relaxing, and a fun place to study.

Ethan Wright On Wood Fountain at IU Indianapolis

Contact Information

Admissions Counselor

Ethan Wright

Campus Center 255
420 University Blvd

Indianapolis, IN 46202