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Keep your personal information current

It’s important to keep personal information—like your preferred name and address—up to date in our system. Learn about the many types of personal information and how to change it.

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How to manage your personal information

You can update your personal information in the Student Center. Examples include your preferred name, the name on your degree, ethnicity, addresses, phone numbers, non-IU email addresses, and emergency contacts.

Other changes, such as your primary (legal) name, date of birth, or social security number, require additional documentation.

Student name types

This section provides detailed information on the different types of names you can use at Indiana University, where they will be displayed, and how you can update them to reflect your preferences.

There are three name types at Indiana University:

  1. Preferred name: The name you choose to be known by.
  2. Degree name: The name that appears on your diploma.
  3. Primary (legal) name: Your official name as per legal documents.

All name types will default to your primary/legal name unless you specifically change them.

A name that you go by that’s not your primary/legal name – such as a nickname, middle name instead of first name, or a name that better represents your gender.

Where it can be seen

  • IU email, CrimsonCard, Canvas class rosters, grade rosters, and in other student/public-facing systems.
  • Your preferred name will not print on your diploma unless you also make it your degree name.

How to change or update

  • To view or change your preferred first or middle name, use the Change Name app in One.IU. Choose “Edit” to modify your preferred name.
  • Your preferred last name must be the same as your primary last name. If you wish to change your last name, follow the instructions for changing your primary name.

Name that you want to appear on your paper diploma or certificate.

Where it can be seen

  • Displays on printed diploma or certificate, in the Commencement Program, and in university graduation websites.

How to change or update

  • To view or change your preferred first or middle name, use the Change Name app in One.IU. Choose “Edit” to modify your degree name.
  • Changes made to degree names less than 30 days prior to your graduation date may not be reflected on your diploma. Changes made after February 28 may not be reflected in the May Commencement program.

Diploma name for international students

In the United States, the diploma is interpreted as a ceremonial document. This practice varies by country and students who will be seeking educational or employment opportunities outside of the U.S. are advised to use their legal/primary name on their diploma. Students from outside the U.S. who are receiving grants or funds from their home country are strongly encouraged to use their legal/primary name on their diploma.

The legal name you use for official governmental documents, such as licenses, passports, and tax forms.

Where it can be seen

  • Official and unofficial transcripts, certified electronic diploma (ceDiploma), university bills, financial aid documents, tax forms, and other pages and documents that require the use of legal names.

How to change or update

  • Submit a Change of Primary Name Form to update your primary name. Must include supporting documentation such as a marriage license, driver's license, passport, official court document, or other appropriate legal documentation.
  • You’ll also need to include a photocopy of a photo ID which shows your date of birth.
  • Questions should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Indiana University's Preferred Name Policy

Updates to your preferred name and degree name must be in compliance with IU policy  and are subject to being audited by the Office of the Registrar for compliance. Indiana University will not accept a preferred name or a degree name that is vulgar, offensive, obscene or fanciful, creates confusion of the individual with another individual, or otherwise constitutes misuse or abuse.

Student employee name

Complete and submit a personal data change form with a copy of legal documentation of your name to the appropriate office listed on the form. If you have any questions, contact University Human Resources at

Date of birth

If your date of birth is incorrect, please contact the Office of the Registrar. You can also securely upload a notarized copy of your birth certificate, state driver’s license, or passport to the Office of the Registrar.

Social security number

You can add or update your social security number (SSN) in the SSN/educational tax credit verification area of One.IU.

If you’re unable to change your SSN through One.IU, please submit a secure request to add/update your SSN. The Office of the Registrar can help if you have any questions.

Student pronouns

As a student, you have the option to self-report your pronouns. These pronouns appear on class rosters, student advising records, and other systems used by faculty, advisors, and staff to support students. You may record or update your pronouns through the Student Center under My Profile > Biographical Information.

Gender identity

Indiana University respects that gender is fluid and subject to change. You’re free to change your gender on record if you don’t identify with it.

All we need is a signed statement from you requesting that we change your gender. Be sure to include your 10-digit university ID number in your written request. You can securely upload documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

Note: Because the Department of Education recognizes only the gender designations of male and female, your record history will continue to hold one of these two binary values.

Student address types

Each address serves a specific purpose, from receiving your diploma and financial aid information to general university communications. Keeping these addresses updated ensures you receive all important materials. Below are detailed descriptions of each address type and their uses.

  • Your permanent address.
  • Often where you would go while not on an IU campus and may include a parent’s address or a home you own.
  • Used for mailing your printed diploma, Commencement information, on official transcripts, and for J1 SEVIS immigration compliance for international students.

  • Where you live when you’re attending IU Indianapolis in the current semester.
  • May be temporary housing like residence hall, apartment, or short-term rental.
  • Used for financial aid refund checks, sending enrollment information, general student mailings, F1 SEVIS immigration compliance for international students.

  • Hard-copy bills may be mailed to students with past-due balances to the student's home address.
  • Students who prefer to receive hard-copy bills at a different address that is not their student home or local address may record an optional billing address.

  • Address type used for human resources information and benefits.
  • Changes to this address type must be made through University Human Resources.

Address change

If you’re a current student, you can change your student home, local, and mailing addresses in the Personal Information app of One.IU. Make sure you don’t add an address type that already exists. If you need to change an address, use the edit button instead.

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