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Come back to IU Indianapolis

It’s never too late to finish your degree. If you have questions about re-enrolling, we have answers.

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Your time away and next steps

If you’ve only been away for one semester, the Office of the Registrar can help determine if you’re eligible to register for the upcoming term without needing to reapply to IU Indy.

If you’re a returning graduate student who hasn’t attended in the last year, complete the Graduate & Professional Program Update form to let us know you’re ready to come back. If you’ve been out 24 months or longer, you’ll need to reapply with the IU Graduate CAS Application.

Choose your path

Pickup where you left off in your college journey or choose a new path. It’s up to you!

  • Build on past performance: Are you returning with college credits from an IU Indianapolis school? The Center for Transfer and Adult Students is here to help you get back on track.
  • Start fresh: Looking for a fresh start? You can get a second chance at your undergraduate degree through academic renewal. This policy allows you to reset your GPA but keep credit for certain classes from your previous enrollment.

Once you decide which path to take, check to see if you need to reapply for admission to IU Indy. It will depend on how long you've been separated from the university.

  • Less than one year: Has it been less than two semesters since your enrollment (not including summer terms)? You do not need to re-apply. Instead, contact your academic advisor for reactivation.
  • More than one year: Ready to come back after more than an academic year? You'll need to apply as a returning student. Start your application now, and be sure to mark that you are returning to IU Indianapolis.

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