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An unstoppable force of innovation for more than a century

IU Indianapolis has been an epicenter of transformation since 1891. Here’s our story across the eras.

Members of the first graduating class of nursing, wearing uniforms, at Wishard Memorial Hospital in 1885 are posed in two rows.


1891: Indiana University offers its first classes in Indianapolis. 

1914: Long Hospital opens, and the Indiana University Training School for Nurses is founded. 

1916: The first extension office for Indiana University opens in Indianapolis. 

1917: The first commencement is held for nursing and five students receive graduate diplomas. 

1919: The Indianapolis School of Medicine Building is completed.

Ball Residence for Nurses surrounded by manicured gardens.


1924: James Whitcomb Riley Hospital, named after the Hoosier poet, is dedicated in October. 

1927: The 75-bed William Coleman Hospital for Women is dedicated on October 20. 

1928: The Ball Residence for Nurses, now known as Ball Residence Hall, opens its doors. 

1934: The School of Dentistry Building and Ball Sunken Gardens are completed. 

1938: The Clinical Building is completed.

Students fill the tables of the Student Union Building cafeteria during a meal.


1941: The Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union becomes part of IU. In 1973, it is renamed the School of Physical Education. 

1953: The Student Union Building opens. 

1956: The School of Nursing is established. 

1959: The Division of Allied Health Sciences is established within the School of Medicine. 

1967: Herron School of Art becomes affiliated with IU.

Chancellor Maynard K. Hine speaks at the podium during the at the 1971 commencement ceremony.


1969: Indiana University and Purdue University merge to create Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and Maynard K. Hine becomes the first chancellor. 

1970: IUPUI holds its first commencement, granting 1,535 degrees. 

1971: The undergraduate campus, consisting of Cavanaugh Hall, Lecture Hall, and University Library, opens. 

1972: The IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IU School of Liberal Arts, Purdue School of Science, and Purdue School of Engineering and Technology are established. 

1973: Glenn W. Irwin, Jr. is named the second chancellor of IUPUI. 

1975: The Engineering and Technology Building is completed, and the School of Continuing Studies is established.

Spectators around a table watch as student swim in the 1983  Classic Splash in the Natatorium.


1977: The Riley Hospital Intensive Care Clinic, Parent Education and Preparation Center, and Parent Care Unit are completed. 

1980: The Riley Hospital Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Clinic and Laboratory is completed. 

1981: University Townhouses are built. 

1982: The natatorium, track and field stadium, classrooms, and office buildings are completed. 

1983: The Elks Cancer Research Center opens.

Three students look up a dinosaur skeleton on display for 1994’s Dinofest in University Library.


1986: Gerald L. Bepko is named the third chancellor of IUPUI. 

1987: The Center on Philanthropy at IUPUI is established with a $4 million grant from Lilly Endowment. 

1992: The IU Hospital and Outpatient Center is completed. 

1993: Purdue programs complete the move to the main IUPUI campus. 

1994: The University Library is dedicated.

Two students stand in front of canvases, paint visible in the foreground, in Herron School of Art and Design’s painting studio.


1999: The IU Cancer Center, later known as the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, receives national cancer center research designation. 

2001: Lawrence W. Inlow Hall is dedicated. 

2003: Charles R. Bantz is named the fourth chancellor of IUPUI. 

2004: The Informatics & Communications Technology Complex is dedicated. 

2005: Herron School of Art and Design moves to the main IUPUI campus.

Chancellor Nasser Paydar, MayorJoe Hogsett, and Jon LeCrone stand side by side in suits in front of a banner of repeating Horizon League logos. Joe Hogsett holds a basketball with several signatures on it.


2008: The new Campus Center is completed and dedicated in April. 

2010: The Office for Veterans and Military Personnel, Multicultural Success Center, and Honors College hold grand openings. 

2012: The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is established and becomes the first of its kind. 

2013: The Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health is established and Hine Hall, University Tower, and Tower Dining open. 

2015: Nasser H. Paydar is named the fifth chancellor of IUPUI. 

2016: IUPUI launches the Welcoming Campus Initiative. 

2017: IUPUI Jaguar Athletics moves to the Horizon League. 

2018: The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management merge to become the School of Health & Human Sciences 

2018: IUPUI School of Education is established as separate from IU Bloomington School of Education and sharpens its focus on urban education. 

2019: IUPUI celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Chancellor Latha Ramchand speaks with faculty and staff at a Campus Center event.


2023: Indiana University and Purdue University sign historic agreement to create separate and independent campuses: Indiana University Indianapolis and Purdue University in Indianapolis.

2024: On July 1, IU Indianapolis officially begins its new era as the nation’s premier urban research university.

2024: Latha Ramchand is named inaugural chancellor of IU Indianapolis.

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