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Want to know your grade point average?

A little nervous (or excited) about your GPA? You can calculate your expected GPA before grades are officially released.

What you need to know

  • The number of classes you’re taking this semester
  • The number of credits each class is worth
  • The letter grade you’re expecting to get in each class
  • The number of points that correspond to each letter grade

Estimate your semester GPA

Your semester GPA is calculated by dividing your credit points by your credit hours.


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This calculator is a tool to help you estimate your GPA. When you receive your official grades, your actual GPA might differ.

Calculate your overall GPA

Your overall, or cumulative GPA, is calculated by dividing your cumulative course hours by your cumulative points. Enter your prior course hours and points. Your current semester hours, points, and GPA will be included automatically.


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What is—and isn’t—included in your GPA calculation

Only courses with grades of A+ through F are used in calculating your GPA.

If you have enrolled at more than one IU campus, your cumulative GPA will include all your IU coursework, not separated by campus.

If you pursue both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree at IU, your undergraduate and graduate GPAs are calculated separately.

Some programs calculate a degree GPA for students that reflects the courses used for a particular program of study. This degree GPA will appear on your IU transcript only upon completion of your degree.

Courses taken at non-IU institutions are not used in calculating your IU GPA.

Check the official calendar to see when final grades are available for the semester.

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