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Instructor feedback for your success

Stay on top of how you’re doing in class with IU’s Student Engagement Roster, which provides you with timely feedback on your attendance, participation, and performance.

What is the Student Engagement Roster?

Starting with the first week of the semester, instructors can use the Student Engagement Roster (SER) to provide you with information on:

  • Your attendance
  • Your academic performance
  • Your participation
  • Your preparation
  • Your coursework success

This tool was designed to give you useful, timely feedback on your engagement and to guide you to resources available to help you be successful in your classes. This feedback is available to you, your academic advisors, and other administrative personnel.

Find out how you’re doing

When your instructor provides feedback using the SER, you’ll receive an e-mail notification directing you to view your engagement roster. Your instructors can submit updates throughout the semester, so it’s important to review your email regularly.

You can also check your feedback at any time by accessing the Student Engagement Roster (Student) tile at One.IU or through the link to your SER roster in each of your courses in Canvas.

What should I do if I have feedback?

Instructors may provide feedback for an array of reasons. Your feedback might affirm that you are doing great work in your class. If so, wonderful! Keep working hard to be successful in the course.

Your feedback might also alert you to a concern your instructor has about your academic performance. Please be assured that your instructor has not submitted this feedback to scold you! It means that your instructor wants to make sure you know about any problems that exist so that you can correct them.

Often, your SER feedback will include suggestions on how you can improve your performance. For example, your feedback might say “Contact Academic Advisor” or “Visit Math Assistance Center.”

You are highly encouraged to reach out to your instructor if you have any questions regarding the feedback you received or about any actions you may need to take to maintain a satisfactory grade in the course. Failure to act on recommended actions may impact your academic record or financial aid eligibility.

Administrative withdrawal

In addition to leaving SER feedback, instructors also have the option of administratively dropping you from the class if you’re not attending or completing all required course activities and assignments. You’ll receive a separate email if you’ve been flagged to be dropped and you’ll receive a W in the class.

If you have questions about any of the feedback you receive, talk to your instructor and/or your academic advisor.

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