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Federal loans: Borrow from the government to pay for your education

You can borrow from the US Department of Education, but remember: you’ll have to repay these loans after you graduate.

Why choose a Federal Direct Loan?

Federal loans generally have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment options than loans from private lenders. To find out what types of loans you qualify for and how much you can borrow, submit your FAFSA using school code 001813.

Federal Direct subsidized loans

If you’re an undergraduate who qualifies for financial aid based on your FAFSA, you might be eligible for a subsidized loan. The best part? You won’t have to pay any interest on it while you’re enrolled at least half-time.

Federal Direct unsubsidized loans

Undergraduate and graduate students can qualify for an unsubsidized loan by submitting the FAFSA. Keep in mind that interest starts to accrue from day one, and you’ll be responsible for all the interest that builds up.

Federal Direct PLUS loans

You can use a PLUS loan to pay for your own graduate education or your child’s undergraduate journey, regardless of need. PLUS loans are credit-based loans and require a separate application.

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