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Transferring to IU Indianapolis?

Start the process early to avoid delays in receiving financial aid. We’ll determine your eligibility once you’re admitted. If you are temporarily transferring from another IU campus, you will need to contact your home campus to discuss options.


Steps for transferring and receiving financial aid

File your FAFSA

Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year to be considered for federal and state aid. Use school code 001813.

Priority deadline: April 15th

Find out if your scholarships can be transferred

If you receive any private scholarships, contact the donor(s) directly to find out if they can be transferred to IU Indianapolis.

Cancel financial aid at your previous school

You can’t receive financial aid at two institutions at the same time, so cancel all of your aid at your previous school for the upcoming semester.

Cancel any private loan disbursements 

Contact your lender to cancel any outstanding disbursements. If you want to use a private loan at IU Indianapolis, you’ll need to apply for a new one.

Find out what you’re eligible for

We’ll use the most recent information available regarding funds you received at your previous school to figure out your eligibility.


Temporarily attending from another campus

If you’re pursuing your degree at another IU campus and want to take a class at IU Indianapolis, you should apply for a temporary intercampus transfer. Then, contact your home campus to discuss options for receiving financial aid as a consortium student.

IU Indianapolis

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Campus Center, Room 250
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