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Verify your status

At some point, you may be asked to verify you are a full-time or half-time student, if you’re currently enrolled, or to confirm your past-student status. Find out how below.

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What’s an enrollment verification?

An enrollment verification provides a way to confirm your current or past enrollment status at IU. This could be requested for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Getting or keeping insurance (for example, good student discount on car insurance or to stay on your parents’ health insurance)
  • Deferring your loans until after you graduate
  • Informing employers or employment screening firms of your education
  • Responding to calls for jury duty
  • Verifying you are in good* academic standing

*An undergraduate student with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or above or a graduate student with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or above is a student in good academic standing for Indiana University certification purposes.

When and where can I get an enrollment verification?

Current students

You can obtain proof of enrollment or proof of your status as a good student through the “Enrollment Verification Certificate” task at One.IU.

You can also:

  • See deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders
  • Get a list of your student loan lenders
  • View your enrollment history
Note: Enrollment is not official until the second week of the semester. At that time, information is sent to the National Student Clearinghouse and to the federal government.

Former students

You will need to complete, sign, and submit the Enrollment Verification Request Form.

Third Parties

If you are requesting education verification on behalf of a student, you must use the National Student Clearinghouse, our trusted not-for-profit partner in verification.

Questions about enrollment verifications?

Contact the IU Transcripts & Certifications Office at or by calling +1-812-855-4500.

Full-time and half-time enrollment

Your enrollment status is based on the number of credit hours that you’re registered in during a semester or term and whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student.

Full-time enrollment is often required for you to be covered by insurance or may be needed to be eligible for certain scholarships.

Half-time enrollment is often needed to receive federal student loans or to defer loan payments.

This is why it’s important to understand how changes to your class schedule might impact your enrollment status.

Undergraduate students

Minimum credits for undergraduate students:

  • Full time: 12 credit hours
  • Half time: 6 credit hours

If you’re working on an undergraduate degree that requires at least 120 credit hours, you should plan to complete 15 to 16 hours per semester to graduate in eight semesters or four years.

Graduate & professional students

Minimum credits for graduate/professional students on semester calendar (fall, spring, summer):

  • Full time: 8 credit hours
  • Half time: 4 credit hours

Minimum credits for graduate/professional students on quarter-term calendar (fall, winter, spring, summer):

  • Full time: 6 credit hours
  • Half time: 3 credit hours

For some graduate students—typically those doing dissertation work—fewer hours might be required to maintain full-time status. Check with your advisor to be sure you know your status.

Enrollment for GI Bill recipients

To get the most out of your education benefits from the Federal Veterans Benefits Administration, recipients must maintain full-time status. Because each student’s schedule may vary, you are encouraged to contact the Office for Veterans and Military Personnel once you have enrolled in your courses for guidance.

Ways to verify your degree

There are three ways you can verify you’ve graduated from IU Indianapolis: through an official transcript, a degree verification, or by requesting a copy of your diploma.


Official transcripts are available electronically (PDF) or via paper and can be requested from Indiana University Transcripts. This official university document will show the degree you earned along with your major, minor, or concentration. Degrees appear on the transcript about 2-4 weeks after the end of the semester in which you graduate. If you still have access to the Student Center, you can check your Unofficial Transcript first to see if the degree has been awarded.


If you do not require grades or course information, requesting a degree verification (similar to the enrollment verification above) is an alternative to a transcript. Also available 2-4 weeks after graduation, these can be requested online or in person at the Office of the Registrar.

Third parties such as employers and background screening firms can request verification of your degree by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse. If a third party is unable to contact the National Student Clearinghouse or would like to verify their findings, they will need to contact or by calling +1-812-855-4500.


New graduates automatically receive their printed diplomas through the mail 6-8 weeks after the end of the semester. If you need another copy of your diploma, you can request a duplicate.

Students also have the option of purchasing a certified electronic diploma (CeDiploma) – a PDF version of the degree that can be shared as often as you want with whoever you want. Invitations are sent to your IU e-mail address following graduation with details.

Special instructions for M.D. graduates

If you need documentation for a licensing board, contact Kim Sandrick with the IU School of Medicine at

IU Indianapolis

Office of the Registrar

Campus Center, Room 250
420 University Blvd

Indianapolis, IN 46202