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Frank O’Bannon Grants for Indiana residents

See how the Frank O’Bannon Grant could help fund your undergraduate education at IU Indianapolis.

What is a Frank O’Bannon Grant?

Named for the late governor of Indiana, Frank O’Bannon Grants are awarded to Indiana residents who demonstrate financial need based on their FAFSA. The grant can be used to pay for tuition and fees while you work toward your first bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree at IU Indianapolis.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a Frank O’Bannon Grant?

To qualify, you must:

  • File your FAFSA by April 15 each year
  • Be enrolled full time (at least 12 credit hours)

To maintain your eligibility, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress and meet other award program requirements.

How much will I be awarded?

To find out how much grant funding you might get through the Frank O’Bannon Grant, please see Frank O’Bannon Grant award amounts by year.

Frank O’Bannon coverage

The grant covers regularly assessed tuition and the Student Services Fee based on the Student Aid Index (SAI) from the FAFSA.

Frank O’Bannon renewal

The grant is renewed each year based on the Student Aid Index (SAI) from the FAFSA. Also, you must meet credit completion requirements:

  • 24-29 credit hours earned will result in a “Full-time” award amount
  • 30 or more credit hours earned will result in an “On-time” award amount (i.e. maximum award)

Summer availability

The Frank O’Bannon grant is available to degree-seeking students in some cases during the summer while enrolled part-time. Refer to the specific guidelines for using the Frank O’Bannon grant during summer terms.

How do I apply for Frank O’Bannon Grants?

To be considered for Frank O’Bannon Grants, file your FAFSA by the April 15th deadline each year.

How will I know if I’m awarded the grant?

The award will be listed in your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) letter that you’ll receive in the mail. You can also check your award status in ScholarTrack by clicking “View Award Letter.”

Adult Student Grant for part-time students

Planning to attend part-time? Are you an independent student? Consider applying for the Adult Student Grant.

The Adult Student Grant is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of working adults starting or completing an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or certificate by providing a $2,000 grant. The grant may be used toward tuition and regularly assessed fees. It cannot be combined with 21st Century Scholars awards or Frank O’Bannon awards.

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