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Accept your financial aid awards

Know what to do when you receive your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) in the mail or via email. You may also view it online.

Your financial aid information

See your estimated financial aid for the year, broken down by semester.

Decoding the FAN

Make sure you know the meaning of each item listed in your Financial Aid Notification (FAN), from grants and loans to work-study and cost of attendance.

Get the details

Sealing the deal

Understand the steps you need to take to accept the financial aid you’ve been offered.

Accept your aid

Returning aid so you don’t owe

Borrow only what you need. You can decide how much aid you need to cover your costs.

How it works

IU Indianapolis

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Campus Center, Room 250
420 University Blvd

Indianapolis, IN 46202