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It’s time to show what you’ve learned 

Make sure you know when and where to take your finals. Fall and spring final exams occur at the end of each semester. Summer finals are the last week of class for each session.

Be prepared

The week before finals is free of major or final exams, except for practical tests at the end of lab periods. It’s also possible that your instructors have assigned projects that are due during this week. Make sure you plan ahead.

Timing of exams

Know the dates and times of your exams. The finals schedule is designed to avoid overscheduling and conflicts, but it is your responsibility to make arrangements if needed.

Finals for course sections that don’t meet during the last weeks of the term—for example, eight-week classes—will be held during the last class meeting.

If you have more than three finals scheduled on the same day, you can take steps to have your exam schedule adjusted. First, check with your instructors to find out if you can schedule a make-up exam. If not, do the following:

  1. Check the exam schedule to find out which three exams come first during the day.
  2. For any exams that follow the first three, make sure you let your instructors know by the middle of the semester.

Or, if you choose, you can take all finals as they are scheduled.

The final exam schedule exists to limit potential conflicts in your exam schedule. If an instructor gives an exam, it must be held on the day and time published on this page. If an instructor changes an exam time and that creates a conflict for you, you should first talk with your instructor.

If you’re unable to resolve the problem with your instructor, report the change to the instructor’s department chair. If it still isn’t resolved, contact the chair’s dean or director. If you’ve tried all of these avenues with no success, contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

An instructor giving a final exam before the final exam period should be reported in the same way.

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When are your final exams?

Select the semester you’re in to find out when your exams are scheduled.

Note that some course and departmental final exam times differ from the standard class final exam times. Be sure to check both lists as you’re planning for your finals.

Traffic alert: Keep in mind that events in the downtown area might require you to need extra travel and parking time. Plan to arrive early.

Need help?

Final exams can be overwhelming, and you may need additional support to thrive. We offer campus services and community-based resources to get you the support you need when you need it.

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