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Alumni & Giving

Stay involved in our success

Connect with an active, thriving Alumni Association that’s more than 770,000 strong. Your talent and generosity will fuel the university’s mission for generations.
A male and female graduate hold out their hands and look up as colorful confetti falls down around them.

Alumni Association

You’re essential to our vision

When you support the IU Indianapolis Alumni Association, you embrace the future of the university and enhance our shared success.
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A man adjusts a VR headset around the head of a young child sitting in a wheelchair.

Give now

Your support changes lives

Your generosity supports first-generation college students, enables lifesaving research, and inspires the leaders of tomorrow.

Four students or faculty hold up a red IU flag from one of the global gateway sites.

Alumni Association

Taking pride in our alumni

Read the latest stories about IU alumni who are impacting their communities and making a difference in the world.

An open book and two stacked books sit on a wooden desk in a bright, airy room, with shelves seen in the background.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Support an IU Indy student in need

Provide scholarship support for students facing unforeseen financial hardships, such as lost wages, unforeseen medical expenses, and housing insecurity.