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A fresh start to college

You can have a second chance at your college career.

A second chance through academic renewal

If your first attempt at your undergraduate degree from IU was not as successful as you might have hoped, Fresh Start through Academic Renewal offers you a second chance through a reset of your GPA.

Fresh Start eligibility criteria:

  • You’re an undergraduate student
  • You’re pursuing your first bachelor’s degree
  • You have not enrolled at any IU campus for 36 or more consecutive months (3 years)
  • You have at least 30 credit hours remaining in your degree program that will be completed at IU Indianapolis

The Fresh Start through Academic Renewal policy allows you to start over with a GPA of 0.00. You get to keep any credit hours earned with grades of C or better, P (pass), or S (satisfactory), but those grades will not be factored into your GPA.

All IU Indianapolis undergraduate, degree-seeking students who meet the criteria—regardless of major—are eligible to apply. You must apply for Fresh Start by the last day of classes in the second semester of enrollment after returning from hiatus. If you’re interested in Fresh Start, talk with your academic advisor or your school for details.

The fine print

You can request Fresh Start only once while pursuing your undergraduate degree at IU Indianapolis.

Fresh Start is applied only to courses taken at an Indiana University campus.

Students approved for Fresh Start may still choose to pursue other grade-related policies like grade replacement or grade change.

What about financial aid?

Fresh Start may have an impact on federal aid eligibility, but it does not replace processes like appeals for satisfactory academic progress. If you have applied or will apply for federal student aid, please see information about separate satisfactory academic progress (SAP) processes.

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