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Participate in IU Indy’s experiential learning opportunities and gain the edge you need to pursue your career goals.

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Two male students sit on the ground outdoors during a Bridge Week group activity.

Get hands-on learning from the start with Bridge Week

Work in groups, serve the community, explore Indianapolis, and launch your learning journey through common first-year experiences.

Get started
A female student wearing protective goggles leans over into a ventilated lab area to pour a solution into a test tube in a stand.

Solve industry problems with project-based learning

Our industry partnerships mean learning is more than just lecture. Here, you solve real-world problems with your homework.

Learn by doing
A man bends down to roll up plastic sheeting from a garden pot. Hoop structures, crops, a watering system, fencing, and two workers can be seen behind him.

Transform communities and make a difference

Get involved in the community and with civic engagement while earning credit toward your degree.

Make an impact
A group of about 16 IU study abroad students gathers on a brick street with the front two kneeling and holding a small IU Indianapolis flag. A domed stone building is seen behind them at the end of the street.

Study abroad and discover the world

Embark on an intellectual and cultural adventure that will shape how you see the world, other people, and yourself.

Study abroad
A student in holds a piece of wired technology about the size of her hand while looking at a computer monitor in dark lab setting. Nearby electronic appliances show readings of numbers on their screens.

Get involved in research and see discovery in action

Through groundbreaking research opportunities, discover how fulfilling it is to reveal a new understanding that changes lives.

Conduct research
A reporter and interview subject are seen sitting on stools with a microphone, studio camera equipment, and a live monitor showing a video feed of the interview subject.

Put your knowledge to work through internships

Gain professional experience. Most internships we promote are paid, and you can even earn academic credit in many programs.

Get career support
A woman leans over the shoulder of a male working on a tilted screen monitor in a classroom or computer lab area.

Showcase your work with an ePortfolio

Create an ePortfolio to share with employers that includes classwork, work experiences, and co-curricular engagements.

Build an ePortfolio
A woman leans over looking into a microscope. Lab equipment including colorful containers and light glass bottles are on shelves behind and around the microscope.

Apply knowledge through capstone courses

Demonstrate all of your learnings with a significant project, paper, or portfolio during your final year.

See examples
A man gestures at his chest with his hand as he stands facing a woman in conversation. A wall of windows and downtown buildings are seen in the background.

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