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Do you qualify for student tax credits?

Before filing your taxes, see if you might qualify for student income tax credits and find the forms you need.

Available credits and deductions

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 creates income tax benefits for students with qualified education expenses who attend eligible institutions. As an IU Indianapolis student, you may qualify for:

  • The American Opportunity Credit
  • The Lifetime Learning Credit
  • The Tuition and Fees Deduction

IU Indianapolis does not provide tax advice. Talk with your tax advisor/preparer to determine your eligibility.

The form you’ll need: 1098-T

If you qualify for one of the credits, you’ll need to include a Form 1098-T each year when you file your taxes.

You can sign up to get your Form 1098-T electronically. We’ll just need your Social Security number (SSN) to produce the form.

Have questions about your 1098-T?

The Office of the University Controller produces all tax documents and can assist with questions such as:

  • What information is contained on Form 1098-T?
  • Why did I not receive a Form 1098-T?
  • How do I request a duplicate or corrected Form 1098-T?
  • Why do the amounts not match my records?

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