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Driving Discovery and Innovation

We are pursuing transformative research and creative activity to positively impact societal and economic outcomes.

1RIP brings research to first-year students

Discover how freshmen are immersed in research at IU Indy.

Making a difference

We believe research and discovery has the power to change lives, both here in Indiana and around the world. At IU Indianapolis, we are continuing to lead and drive the state’s research and development ecosystem, building on key strengths in human-centered disciplines, health sciences, and STEM.

Current research themes

  • Biosciences
  • Sustainability
  • Health equity
  • Arts and humanities
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Informatics
A man wearing safety goggles and protective coverings holds up a circle of chip technology, enlarged by a small mirror or magnifying glass. The man and surrounding lab is caste in a yellow-orange tone of light.

Research institutes on campus

This institute (announced in 2023) will drive interdisciplinary research and industry partner collaboration in pursuit of discoveries ranging from wearable medical devices to AI-enabled drug discovery.

This institute (announced in 2023) will target health-focused research that integrates digital technologies to meet community needs and improve health outcomes in Indianapolis.

The Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute is enabling the development of nanotechnology-based systems for biomedical, energy, environmental, information technology, and other applications.

The Arts & Humanities Institute supports research and creative activity across the IU Indianapolis campus and fosters ongoing partnerships and ventures in central Indiana and beyond.
A group of five people gather around a whiteboard in a classroom. One person points at a sticky note on the whiteboard while another thinks, hand on chin.

Research consortia

The AI Consortium coordinates AI talents and resources on the IU Indianapolis campus to enhance collective capabilities and tackle high-impact AI research.

The Informatics Consortium facilitates collaboration across IU Indianapolis researchers who are interested in advancing the impact of information systems on people, organizations, and society.

The Community-Engaged Research to Impact Health Equity Consortium serves the community of researchers who use community-engaged methodologies in their efforts to impact health equity.

The Sustaining Earth Consortium is focused on climate change, sustainability, and environmental equity as critical factors driving much of what a prosperous and healthy global future will look like.

IU is doubling down on its role as one of the top research institutions in the country.

Eric J. Holcomb, Indiana Governor