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We have entered a bold new era

IU Indianapolis just accomplished an awe-inspiring transformation. Dive deeper into our vision and get answers to your questions about the future of our campus.

President Pamela Whitten holds up a leather folio as board of trustees members and Purdue leadership clap following the joint agreement signing ceremony that officially creates separate and independent Indianapolis campuses.

Frequently asked questions about the IU Indianapolis transformation

When did IUPUI become IU Indianapolis?

After a period of unprecedented change, IU Indianapolis became official on July 1, 2024. The realignment began in 2022 when Indiana University and Purdue University issued a joint memorandum of understanding to separate Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) into two institutions.

What is the IU Indianapolis vision for the future?

IU Indianapolis is pursuing a journey to newfound achievement, innovation, and global recognition with an ambitious strategic plan and vision. We are the premier urban research university where each person on campus plays a key role in our shared success.

Why did the separation happen?

As our state’s economic, educational, and workforce development needs evolved, it was evident that we needed a correspondingly bold move to propel our institution forward. Central Indiana business and community members requested more talent and training in the engineering, sciences, technological, and healthcare disciplines, plus more high-end research. In the new era, IU Indianapolis does more than just participate in an innovation-led economy. We lead the charge, fueling growth in our community and far beyond.

Who leads IU Indianapolis?

Our leaders include Chancellor Latha Ramchand, her cabinet, and the deans who lead the academic units.

Is IU Indianapolis still the Jaguars?

Yes. Before and after the transition, we’re still your Jaguars.

How do I apply for admission to IU Indianapolis?

We welcome you to visit our admissions page for everything you’ll need to know about applying to IU Indianapolis.

Have your admission requirements changed?

No. IU Indianapolis admission requirements remain the same as they were before the transition.

Will my degree be from IU Indianapolis, Indiana University, or Purdue University?

After July 1, 2024, all newly admitted students will be on track to receive Indiana University degrees from IU Indianapolis. Students from previous years completing IU programs will receive Indiana University degrees and students completing Purdue programs will receive Purdue University degrees as long as they continue to make steady academic progress. Students who are enrolled in a program that is being realigned will have the option to choose a degree from IU or Purdue. This includes students enrolled in programs through the School of Science departments of biology, chemistry, forensic science, mathematical sciences, neuroscience, physics, and psychology. Students must have been enrolled in their program during the spring 2024 semester and they will have until Nov. 29, 2024, to declare their intention to receive a degree from either IU or Purdue upon graduation. Those choosing a Purdue degree will be expected to maintain continuous enrollment through each fall and spring semester and complete all degree requirements by June 30, 2027. Purdue advisors will work with any student who is not on track to finish by that date to determine how to best support them. Students choosing an IU degree will be supported by IU Indianapolis advisors in meeting their degree requirements on the timeline best suited to the student’s individual situation.

What if I am a former IUPUI student who needs additional time to finish a Purdue program?

By the end of spring 2027, Purdue expects most students to have completed or mostly completed their degree programs. Purdue advisors will work with any student who is not on track to finish by that date to determine how to best support them as they continue to work toward completing their degree.

Are IU Indianapolis and Purdue University now on the same academic calendar?

Moving forward, the two institutions will maintain separate academic calendars. To best serve all students who began in the fall semester of 2024 as the transition occurred, the two institutions have been working together to align calendars as closely as possible.

Does IU Indianapolis still do campus tours?

Yes. Please see our campus tours page for more information.

Can IU Indianapolis students still attend athletic events for free?

Yes. Athletic events are still free to IU Indianapolis students.

Has tuition changed since the transition to IU Indianapolis?

Tuition rates change over time. Starting with the 2024-25 academic year, students in Purdue programs will pay the Purdue West Lafayette tuition rate. Students in an IU program will pay the IU Indianapolis tuition rate.

I am an alum. How do I refer to my degree since the dissolution of IUPUI?

Your degree was issued by either Indiana University or Purdue University. If, in referencing your degree on materials such as your resume, you include IUPUI as your campus attended, it’s still accurate. Consider using: Indiana University Indianapolis (previously IUPUI). If you hold a degree from Purdue, please note Purdue’s new name: Purdue in Indianapolis.

When will my position transfer to Purdue?

Positions at IU will end on June 30, 2024. Employees will begin at Purdue on July 1, 2024.

Will my IUPUI service credit transfer to Purdue?

Your years of service at IU will transfer to Purdue.

When do my IU benefits end?

Participation in all IU benefits ends on June 30, 2024, including:

  • Employee medical and dental coverage
  • Employee Basic Group Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Long Term Disability
  • IU retirement plans (base and supplemental)
  • Supplemental AD&D
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Healthcare and Dependent Care FSAs

Can I continue my benefits with IU?

Continuation or conversion of these benefits may be available. As required by federal legislation, IU will offer COBRA to continue coverage for medical, dental, and healthcare FSA enrollment. This information will be mailed to employees by USPS, which is also required by law. In the meantime, the Benefits after Separation guide provides more information and steps you can take to access any residual value your benefit plans may provide.

Employees that are part of the transition will likely receive COBRA offers and information from IU towards the end of June. If you do not need to continue benefits, you can disregard the paperwork and shred or recycle the information.

If I am transitioning to Purdue, when will I learn about the benefits I will be offered there?

While Purdue is hiring employees into their system, benefit information is not sent until the employee’s effective date. This means you may not hear anything about the Purdue benefit offering until July 1, 2024. If you have questions prior to that date, you can contact Purdue’s HR office at

Please note that when electing benefits, you need to keep IRS limits in mind for your HSA and supplemental retirement plan contributions. What you have contributed year-to-date at IU should be considered when deciding what to elect at Purdue. Employees can get their year-to-date contributions to the HSA and supplemental retirement contributions from their final paycheck at IU.

Since I’m transferring in the middle of a calendar year, what will happen to my medical deductible and out-of-pocket maximum?

If you transition from IU to Purdue, accumulations will transfer over to your new plan at Purdue. However, please note that this will take 4-6 weeks after you transfer to Purdue to update.

Will I get the IU HSA contribution employees receive in July 2024?

No. Only employees that are actively working at IU at the time of the July payroll will receive the contribution. Employees transitioning to Purdue can contact Purdue HR to understand any HSA contributions they may be eligible for at Purdue.

What happens to the money in my HSA account?

When your IU medical coverage ends, you will no longer be eligible to make tax-free HSA contributions into your existing HSA account with Nyhart/Wex. However, the money in your HSA is yours, meaning you will continue to have access to the funds to pay for qualified healthcare expenses. The funds in the account can be used tax-free as long as they are spent on IRS-qualified expenses. You can keep the HSA account with Nyhart/Wex by paying the monthly fees. You can also rollover the funds in the account to another HSA provider, such as Fidelity, or through Purdue’s HSA custodian.

What happens to my tuition remission benefit upon my transfer to Purdue?

If you or your eligible dependents have started your degree program between 8/1/2020 and 8/1/2024, you could be eligible for the IU tuition benefit through the completion of your degree program or up to 07/31/2028, whichever is soonest. You must continue to be actively employed by Purdue and your dependents must continue to meet the eligibility requirements as specified in the IU Tuition Benefit plan provisions to continue to receive this benefit. You must also submit the IU Tuition Benefit application each semester or academic year by the plan’s deadlines to receive the benefit. More information on how to apply for Tuition Benefit will be announced when available.

What happens to my time-off accruals?

If you’re a staff member earning time off, Purdue will allow you to transfer up to 80 hours of accrued vacation from IU at the time of transition. If you have accrued time off that will be paid out to you as separation pay, you may be able to defer some or all of those funds to an IU supplemental retirement plan (the IU TDA or IU 457(b) Plan). Separation pay is based on policy and differs based on classification. To understand your separation pay and options, contact AskHR at before June 1, 2024, for guidance.

Sick time will not be paid out or transferred to Purdue. By policy, there may be a limited number of exceptions for individuals in legacy plans or classifications.

If I have not met the 3-year vesting requirement for the base retirement plans, what happens?

For employees that are part of Engineering & Technology, are transitioned from IU to Purdue, and assume a position at Purdue, all retirement funds will be vested even if the 3-years of service requirement is not yet met. This applies to the base retirement plans, the IU Retirement Plan for faculty and exempt staff and the IU Retirement & Savings Plan for non-exempt staff.

Employees that have funds in the supplemental retirement plans, the IU TDA and 457(b), are 100% vested with the first contribution, so those accounts are not impacted by the transition.

What happens to my Fidelity or TIAA retirement accounts when I transition from IU to Purdue?

Your retirement plan funds will remain at Fidelity, TIAA, or both, depending on your accounts. After you transition from IU, you have the option to leave them as is or roll the accounts elsewhere. To understand your options, you can schedule an appointment with a Fidelity Workplace Consultant and then select the “Meet With Us” tab.

I have PERF or had PERF previously at IU. What happens when I transition from IU to Purdue?

If you have PERF or previously had PERF, we suggest contacting AskHR at before June 1, 2024, to explore how to handle any funds at PERF.

I have IU Retiree Status. What should I do?

If you haven’t already, you’re encouraged to schedule an appointment with an IU Benefits Specialist by contacting AskHR at You may have several options for medical coverage. They can explain your IU benefit options and assist you with enrollment if you choose to retain IU medical coverage as a retiree. When scheduling, please mention that you are part of the IU Indianapolis – Purdue transition and that you will have IU Retiree Status.

Detailed information about IU Retiree Status and the associated benefits is available in the Retiree Benefits Guide and on the IU Retiree website.

Can I continue to use the EAP?

SupportLinc EAP services are available at no cost to all IU employees and their household members, and can be used through the transition to Purdue. Employees going through the Transition process can take advantage of this free resource for in-the-moment support and counseling services. You can learn more about this benefit on our Employee Assistance Program webpage. Purdue has similar services as part of their benefit plans and will provide employees more information on how to access those services.

Will I keep my IU email address?

Employees with Retiree Status, Emeritus Status, or those that have an affiliation with IU will keep their email address. However, please note that all IUPUI email addresses will shift from to as part of IU’s OneMail project. If you have questions or technical difficulties with your email account, please contact the UITS helpdesk for assistance.

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