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What to do once you have your financial aid

It’s important to manage your financial aid closely and know how any changes you make might affect your grants and loans.

How to accept or reduce your aid

We’ll walk you through the steps.

Maintain your eligibility

Keeping your aid can depend on the number of classes you take each semester, your grade point average, and staying on track for your degree.

Learn the requirements

Consider your loans

Strategies to help you evaluate how much to borrow and how soon to start paying it back.

Get loan management tips

Study at another IU campus

In certain circumstances, you can use your aid to take classes at a different IU campus.

Transfer your aid

Appeal decisions that affect your aid

Learn why and when you might be able to file an appeal, and how to do it.

See the appeal process

Cancel or return aid

What if you need to withdraw? Learn what you need to do so you can qualify for aid again in the future, and if any of your awards will need to be repaid.

Get the details

Make good financial decisions

Learning to manage your education expenses can help you with your finances for the rest of your life.

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