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Meet the legends creating our legacy!!!

New heroes arise every day at IU Indianapolis. Let’s celebrate our award-winning students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

A gold IU medal strung on a red ribbon sits on a black velvet background.

Nominate an IU Indy community member

Do you know someone at IU Indianapolis who deserves the highest honors for their achievements? Nominate them for an award.

Awards and honors

Alumni Awards

Alumni award winners are proven leaders in medicine, law, education, philanthropy, and other fields.

Chancellor’s Medallion

Chancellor’s Medallion winners show outstanding achievement in the arts and humanities, sciences, education, or philanthropy.

Chancellor’s Professor

Chancellor’s Professors achieve the highest rank any professor can receive. They may also be Distinguished Professors.

Distinguished Professors

The university’s most prestigious title honors faculty for outstanding achievements in their academic discipline.

High Achievement

IU Indianapolis honors high achievers with awards for public service, academic honors, professional contributions, and more.

IU Indianapolis Elite 50

See the graduate and professional students who show brilliance beyond the classroom in community engagement and scholarly work.

IU Indianapolis Top 100

The annual Top 100 undergraduates excel in three key areas: academic excellence, campus leadership, and community engagement.

IU Indianapolis

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