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Find the degree path that inspires you

Start with what interests you—from business to technology and everything in between—to find your ideal undergraduate major.

Two students in professional wear walk down a sidewalk in downtown Indianapolis, a glass-paneled building entrance seen in the background.


Tomorrow’s businesses need strategic, visionary leaders to help them succeed. Become that leader.

See business-focused majors
Three people sit at a table wearing headphone with microphones on small stands sitting on the table in front of them. The woman closes holds a pieces of paper and speaks into the microphone.


A great idea goes nowhere without a person who can share it effectively. Find your voice.

See communications-focused majors
A student pulls up a pieces of artwork on paper that has been inked from an etching. The etching sits on a table with a heavy roller press with large circular handle.

Creative Arts

The world is wowed by those who can reach their hearts and souls artistically. Hone your craft.

See creative arts-focused majors
Students and staff gather around a drunk participating in a group drum beat at an international event in the Campus Center.


We live in and among an amazing blend of people and societies. Dive into our diversity.

See culture-focused majors
Two teachers and five children gather in a line, some in mid-jump, during an elementary classroom activity.


The future belongs to the next generation. Start shaping young minds.

See education-focused majors
Basketball teams play on court in a packed arena. The Indiana Pacers logo is visible on center court and a large hanging screen display is centered looking down from a high level within the arena.


Creators and storytellers mold our most memorable experiences. Sharpen your skills.

See entertainment-focused majors
Three student sit in white bucket chairs as an instructor at a wall display of monitors gestures in front of graphics shown on screen.


The future is full of possibilities and the ways forward are many. Sample your opportunities.

See exploratory majors
A group of about eight students spread out on a grassy lawn on campus with yoga mats. They stand with hands pressed together in front of them.


Our bodies and minds are a captivating network of interconnected systems. Learn the ways of wellness.

See health-focused majors
Two students paint pieces of wood resting on a table with white paint on handheld brushes.

Public Service

Societies need strong, capable, ethical leaders to bring us into a better future. Step up and stand out.

See public service-focused majors
A student wearing a lab coat and gloves reaches over a glass container lit from below, positioning an item in a tray. Behind the student is lab equipment and shelves of containers.


Our understanding of everything around us is based on those bold enough to ask “Why?” Uncover the answers.

See science-focused majors
A hand is seen holding a smoker instrument while an instructor and student in protective suits and face netting examine a bee hive.


Human existence depends on those who can pave a pathway to a more environmentally friendly future. Be that hero.

See sustainability-focused majors
A student in a lab coat and medical gloves reaches inside a piece of machinery lit up from inside to show parts and technology.


Technological innovation shapes everything from our health to our careers and our entertainment. Lead the way.

See technology-focused majors

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