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What is work-study? 

The Federal Work-Study Program gives qualified undergrad and grad students the opportunity to earn money and gain job experience. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can check your eligibility.

File your FAFSA

Use school code 001813.

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How does it work?

If you qualify for a Federal Work-Study job, you earn a regular paycheck to help with your educational and living expenses. The US government pays part of your wages.

How much you earn depends on how many hours you work (usually 15-20 per week) and your hourly pay rate. Some jobs are available right on campus, or you can work for a variety of community work-study agencies around Indianapolis.

Our community and on-campus employers understand you’re a student first. They’ll be flexible with your class schedule.

Are you eligible for work-study?

Eligibility is based on the FAFSA, so be sure to file yours by the deadline. Federal work-study will appear in your list of financial aid awards. 

If you’re thinking about work-study and don’t initially see a work-study award in your financial aid, reach out to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to find out more about your eligibility.

How do I find a job?

Look for on-campus and community work-study positions through Handshake. Many jobs are directly related to fields of study at IU Indianapolis! Just make sure the role you’re interested in applying for is eligible for Federal Work-Study.

After you’re hired

Make sure you have a work-study award on your financial aid account, then let us know if you have received a job offer. The next step is to connect your Federal Work-Study award to your job. Remember to include your employer’s name and your supervisor’s contact information. They must submit the required hiring documents before your job and award are connected.

When and how do I get paid?

Most likely, you’ll receive a biweekly paycheck directly deposited into your bank account. (If you are a graduate student, you may be paid monthly instead of biweekly.)

If you don’t set up direct deposit, you will be issued a Visa check card and payments will be sent to the card. The timing of your first paycheck will depend on your start date and the payroll schedule.

Benefits of using your work-study

  • Exemption from FICA taxes (for federal work-study earnings).
  • Gain work experience with either our community program or on-campus positions.
  • Income earned from a work-study job will not negatively impact your financial aid eligibility in the next year.

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