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See yourself in Indy

Wondering if IU Indianapolis is the right fit? Here’s what you need to know about your future classmates.

All noted classes below are from 2023
Dozens of students walk along a campus sidewalk lined with light poles adorned with hanging flower baskets. One student sits at on outdoor table and a bike rack is seen in the distance.

Freshmen from US high schools

Students come from 84 Indiana counties and 30 states.

first-generation college students
Indiana 21st Century Scholars
ethnically diverse backgrounds

Facts on scores

You’re more than your scores. That’s why IU Indianapolis is test-optional. We let you choose whether or not to include the SAT or ACT in your application. Don’t worry—admission consideration is the same either way.

GPA facts

  • GPA average: 3.55
  • Middle 50% GPA range: 3.23 - 3.93
  • Percentage with GPA of 4.0+: 21.04%

SAT scores

  • Average: 1071
  • Middle 50% range: 960 - 1170

ACT scores

  • Average: 25.5
  • Middle 50% range: 22 - 29
A group of seven students wearing IU Indianapolis shirts sit on or in front of a low brick wall on campus chatting and laughing with each other.

Freshmen from international secondary schools

GPA facts

  • GPA average: 3.79
  • Middle 50% GPA range: 3.79 - 3.94
  • Percentage with a GPA of 4.0+: 44%

(IU Indianapolis) allowed me to grow at my own pace.

Jada White B.S. Biology, Class of 2025

A row of several students sit at desks in a bright classroom looking down and writing on a paper in front of them.

Transfer class from US colleges and universities

IU Indianapolis transfer students come from 64 Indiana counties and 27 states.

first-generation college students
Indiana 21st Century Scholars
ethnically diverse backgrounds

GPA facts

  • GPA average: 3.18
  • Middle 50% GPA range: 2.76 - 3.66
  • Average number of credits transferred: 51
A woman holding printed materials in one hand and a coffee cup in another, backpack on her back, walks in downtown Indianapolis with a glass building lit up behind her.

Graduate and professional school class

Our graduate and professional school students are from all 50 states and more than 130 countries.

About the class

Master’s degree enrollment: 52.4%

Professional doctorate degree enrollment: 35.2%

Doctoral research degree enrollment: 10.5%

Female: 62.7%

Male: 37.3%

African American: 7.8%

Asian American: 8.1%

Hispanic/Latino: 6.7%

Two or more races: 3.4%

White: 56%

International students: 17.4%

Indiana residents: 65.9%

Out-of-state residents: 15.8%

IU Indianapolis

Office of Admissions

Campus Center, Room 255
420 University Blvd

Indianapolis, IN 46202