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Your records belong to you alone

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of your education records.

What’s protected?

Except directory information, your education records are considered confidential and cannot be released to third parties (including your parents, spouse, or a financial sponsor) without your written consent.

What is third-party access?

By default, you’re the only one who can see your personal information, including your grades, your class schedule, and your IU-related bills.

You can allow other individuals like parents, a spouse, or a sponsor (third parties) to have access to this information to:

  • Pay your bill
  • See your financial aid award and summary information
  • Find out about holds on your account
  • See your grades
  • View your unofficial transcript
  • See your class schedule
  • Access your 1098-T tax form

Third-party access and your records

People with third-party access will only be able to see the records you choose to reveal. The exception is for sponsored students. Sponsors are permitted to see any records necessary for invoicing by the university. We may require additional authorization from you to release certain confidential information.

To-dos after setting up access

After you grant access to authorized users, give them their username, password, security question/answer, and your 10-digit university ID number. They’ll use this confidential information to login. This is the only time you should share your university ID number with someone outside of the university.

Note: Do not send this information via email. You could expose your personal and financial information to identity thieves or others with bad intentions.

FERPA basics

Indiana University is committed to the protection and confidentiality of student education records adhering closely to the guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

FERPA regulations allow for access to your records without your consent in certain cases, including:

  • By university officials carrying out their assigned educational or administrative duties.
  • By a third party designated by a federal or state authority to evaluate an education program.
  • By researchers performing certain types of studies, even when IU Indianapolis objects to or does not request such research.
  • By state authorities who may use your information to track your participation in education and other programs.

Your online presence

IU maintains an online address book that allows users to find limited information for a student by searching on name or university network ID. The address book will display your name, campus, and (if available) email address.

In Canvas, IU’s course management system, only the instructor and the students enrolled in your course section will see your name in the roster—and nothing else, unless you release additional information through your Canvas profile.

Restrict your public information

At IU, public or directory information that can be released without a student’s permission includes:

  • Name
  • Hometown (city, state)
  • IU email address
  • Dates of attendance
  • Admission or enrollment status
  • Campus, school, college, division, major
  • Class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)
  • Degrees and awards
  • Activities
  • Athletic information

You can restrict the release of some of this information by adjusting your privacy settings in the Student Center. These settings can be modified as needed as long as you can continue to access the Student Center.

If you want to apply a complete FERPA restriction to your record, which would prevent any information from being shared about you or your status as a student, you must first contact the Office of the Registrar to discuss this hold.

This will prevent your directory information from being released to any person other than an IU Indianapolis faculty or staff member. Removing a complete FERPA restriction on your record can only be done by again contacting the Office of the Registrar.

IU Indianapolis

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