Graduate Financial Information

Financial information for graduate international students

If you will need a student visa in order to enroll at IU Indianapolis, you must submit financial documentation verifying your ability to pay your tuition and living expenses for one year.

When it's time for us to issue your I-20, you will receive an email from International Admissions with the exact amount you will need to show. Until then, you may review the cost estimates below.


Tuition estimates

Your tuition rate may vary depending on your program. Some programs calculate tuition as a flat rate for the year or semester, while others provide the cost per credit hour.

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As an international student, yours will be the "Out of state" cost. If your tuition rate is shown per credit hour, you will need to multiply the cost by the required number of credit hours for one year of full-time study.

Fee estimates

Here is your estimate of general fees. Special program, laboratory, and course-specific fees that may apply for certain programs are not included.

Mandatory fee estimates for I-20
Placement Test (one-time charge)$52
International services$312
First year subtotal$1,572

Living expense estimates

Your I-20 living expense estimate is calculated to cover 9 months, and does not include summer. If you plan to stay for the summer, be sure to plan for additional living expenses.

Actual costs will depend on your personal choices and spending habits. Housing costs will vary depending on where you live. Eating meals in restaurants will significantly increase the cost of food each month. The information below is based on the average cost of campus housing with a full meal plan.

Living expense estimates for I-20
Living expenseAmount
Room & board$13,010
Personal expenses$2,200
Transportation (cost of city bus pass)$270
First year subtotal (9 months)$15,480


If you plan to bring your spouse and/or dependent children with you, you must document funding for each dependent to cover the cost of basic needs like rent, food, clothing, and health insurance:
• Spouse: $7,443
• 1 Child: $7,443
• 2 Children: $14,886
• For additional children beyond 2, you will only need to show $5,675 per child