Undergraduate Financial Information

Financial information for international undergraduate students

If you will need a student visa in order to enroll at IU Indianapolis, you must submit financial documentation verifying your ability to pay your tuition and living expenses for 9 months (fall and spring semesters). The amount you must show for the 2024-2025 academic year is $52,179.

Estimated annual expenses for undergraduates
Expense typeEstimated cost (9 months)Estimated cost (12 months)
Tuition and fees$34,241$34,241
Books and supplies$690$690
Living expenses$15,480$20,640
Health insurance$1,768$1,768




The 12-month estimate includes summer living expenses, so if you will not travel home for the summer, you can plan for these additional living expenses. Summer tuition and fees are not included, as summer enrollment is optional.

Actual costs will always depend on your personal choices and spending habits. Housing costs will vary depending on where you choose to live. Eating meals from restaurants will significantly increase the cost of food each month. The information above is based on the average cost of campus housing with a full meal plan.

Explanation of tuition estimates

IU Indianapolis uses a flat-rate or “banded” tuition system. This means that your tuition expenses will be the same for enrollment between 12 and 18 credits. Enrollment in more than 18 credit hours will be charged at a per-credit rate. For 2023–2024 the undergraduate tuition rate was $1083.63 per credit hour above 18 credits.

A normal course load each semester consists of approximately 15 credits, but may be more or less depending on your individual situation. To earn an undergraduate degree a student must usually complete at least 120 credit hours. Students must average 15 credits per fall and spring semester in order to earn a bachelor’s degree in four years.

Tuition rates are updated each year during the summer. Tuition increases are approved annually and may range from 3-5%.

Mandatory fees are also included in the tuition and fees cost listed above. This includes the International Services Fee assessed to all students with F-1 or J-1 paperwork issued by IU Indianapolis, which is $156 per semester.

Program fees

Some programs charge program fees in addition to regular tuition and mandatory fees.

Find your program's fees

These fees are only charged once you have obtained admission into the academic program. Most undergraduate students are admitted first into University College, not directly into their degree program.